Interested in making a difference in the Hodgkin's Disease Community? Here is the "short list" of ways that you can make an impact in the lives of those struggling with Lymphoma.

Make a Donation to VRC
Donate to Violet Ribbon Campaign to support the united Hodgkin's Disease community and special upcoming programs. Your donation will also go to a research grant being set up to support research in new treatments for Lymphoma.

Visit the Violet Ribbon Store
Help support the campaign by purchasing a Violet Ribbon Pin, Iron-On Patch, or T-Shirt. Wear your Violet Ribbons with pride and distribute them to the Hodgkin's Lymphoma community in your area.

Distribute Ribbons and Educational Materials
The Violet Ribbon Campaign is looking for individuals interested in distributing Violet Ribbons as well as written materials to educate people about Hodgkin's disease and create awareness for the need for advocacy and a united Hodgkin's community.

Organize a Fundraiser for Lymphoma Research
Volunteer to organize an event in your community, with the help of the Violet Ribbon Campaign, to raise money for Lymphoma research. Ideas include bake sales, raffles, walks or marathons, and golf tournaments.

Sign Up to Counsel newly diagnosed patients
Join several programs looking for survivors to counsel patients in treatment. These programs work to provide a link between a newly diagnosed patients  and a survivor via the telephone, letter writing, visit or email. Patients and family members will be linked with survivors and experienced care givers who are able to share insight into living with lymphoma.

Write a story or column for
If you have a story to tell about yourself or a loved one that has battled Hodgkin's Disease, we want to hear it! Submit us your stories so they can benefit patients looking for support. We are also looking for Hodgkin's related columns and stories about events around the world about people working for the cure.

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